crystals & feng shui

Creating a protection grid will allow you to place an invisible shield around your home to block any unwanted energies and keeping positive and loving vibrations in the home.

Pair Selenite and Black Tourmaline together and place them in each major corner of your home. They can we of different sizes and shapes.

As you place the stone, set an intention of protecting your home from negative energies and only allowing in positivity and loving vibes.

Black Tourmaline

A grounding, cleansing, purifying stone that transforms dense energies into higher vibrations. It deflects negative energies, filling your home with only good energy.


A great stone for enhancing properties of other stones while cleansing them at the same time, so it's perfect to keep untouched for longer periods.

Make sure you cleanse your crystals at least one a month.

For a fun activity, decorate the corners of your home with different elements, shapes, colors, and crystals. Show off your creativity and help inspire those who are stuck or don't know where to start.

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