Cleansing Your Crystals

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Crystals have the ability to receive, store, and transmit energy. They can pick up negative vibrations from thoughts, feelings, people, & places, so make sure you routinely cleanse your crystals. Because all this energy can get stuck in the crystal, it can actually weaken it, preventing the crystal from providing its benefits to the user. 

The use of burning herbs like sage, sweet grass, palo santo or cedar is known as smudging. Run your crystals through the smoke for about 30 seconds. When the smoke shifts to one side or the other, instead of surrounding it, your crystal is cleansed.

Cleansing with flowers and herbs like rose, honeysuckle, sage, rosemary, sweet grass, & lemon verbena. Simply lay your crystals on a bed of flowers or in a bowl made from natural material like wood. Surround the stones and let sit over night.

Cleanse your stones over night with moonlight. Any phase of the moon works just the same except for the new moon. You may lay your crystals outside or simply on a windowsill. Make sure you remember to gather your crystals before allowing them to sit under sunlight for too long as they tend to fade over time.

Super easy, just place your crystals near a lamp for a few hours.

Using a gong, chime, tuning fork, or singing bowl emits cleansing sound vibrations to cleanse the crystals. Use your intuition to decide how long you need to cleanse them for.

While holding your stone, remain focused and hold our intentions. Visualize universal healing light to fill your stone until all unwanted energy has been dissolved.

You can blend water with essential oils, flower essences, and gem elixirs to mist onto your crystals. You can charge up your sprays with Reiki or copper pyramids as well, always holding your intention to cleanse the crystals.

You can cleanse your crystals over night with other crystals. You may lay your crystal on a cluster like Amethyst, Citrine, or Clear Quartz, place them on a plate or bowl made of selenite or use a wand to gently sweep away the unwanted energies from the stone.