crystals & feng shui

This sector of your home helps for your creative juices to flow. It inspires you to complete those projects you've been holding off on and find joy in everything you do. It is especially a great boost for children to thrive in their learning and success.

This sector of your home helps to support concentration and success for your children, as well as boost nurturing of your children.

It improves communication and creative expression helping to find joy and completion in anything you do.




Yellow, White, Silver, Gray, Copper


Round & Circular


Right Center from the Front Door

Crystal Examples:

Aragonite, Carnelian, Citrine, Copper, Galena, Tiger's Eye


Calms an overactive child, grounding and centering them

Yellow Jasper

Helps a child who may have social problems

Red Jasper

Protects a child from bullying

Lapis Lazuli

Helps a child succeed in their studies. It also helps support creative expression

Orange Calcite

Unblocks creativity, especially when uninspired


Helps with communication


Encourages us to let go and to look at life through a child's eyes

For a fun activity, decorate this sector of your home with different elements, shapes, colors, and crystals. Show off your creativity and help inspire those who are stuck or don't know where to start.

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For a little inspiration, here is a picture of my Children & Creativity Sector